I'm not sure what to do next :/ (Ranked Goals)

So at the beginning of the season i decided that i would try and go for gold in ranked, I haven't really focused on ranked that much because i started playing the game in season 4 and i was really really bad at the game and this season i thought maybe i could go for gold which has been my ranked goal from the very beginning of the game. So at the start of the season i did my placement matches and unfortunately i got placed into bronze V (yay!) and so i started my journey to try and get to gold. Now we are 8 months into the year and I finally made it to gold but the season isn't that close to being over and i'm not sure what to do next. I know most of you would say that i should try and go for platinum but I feel like i don't belong there for some reason. When i watch guides most people talk about having a strong champ pool etc but lately i feel like i'm stuck with only one or two champs that i can comfortably play the game with and also because i failed my promos to gold twice in a row, I'm afraid that i'm going to de-rank back to silver and be stuck there. So I don't really know what to do. Should I grind out normal games with my stronger champs and use them to try and climb higher into gold or just stay where i am? It just feels like now that i've made gold for the first time i've hit a brick wall and I don't know why i'm afraid to progress. :/ I apologise for any grammatical errors :)
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