Promoting/demoting in low elo

Since I've been playing LOL for a long time, I still don't get it why is RIOT punishing people who are trying to climb out? I mean, it's a fact that in low elo you are possible to get much more trolls, feeders and afks than in higher one. I don't say I'm very good player or people I get matchmade, but in every game I get at least one guy who just randomly doesn't wanna play cuz he got autofill or someone who goes afk/feeds cuz they made 1st blood on him. And I mean **EVERY GAME**! And it's frustrating. I know that we should all advance our skill or playstyle in order to climb, but here it's so hard to deal with these kind of people. So maybe you should **eliminate demoting in silver-** so that more people could easier get at least to gold and get rewards. What do you guys think, is this a good or bad suggestion?
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