Ranked Tip #2

#**Don't Play what you like, Play what is good.** --- Getting "extremely good" at Galio is not worth the time when you could be getting "reasonable" at Gangplank. Some people will tell you otherwise, they will tell you that if you are good at a handful of champions, you will eventually climb. But remember one thing. Most of them are Gold 5 at best. However, what they are saying is true. You will eventually climb. But the key word here is "eventually". It could take you 2 Seasons to get Gold V with Aatrox or it could take you 2 weeks to get Platinum V with something that doesn't suck, like idk, Gangplank. _"But Bjergsen said on stream you should be playing what you are comfortable with"_ This is 100% True. Hence why you should be getting comfortable with champions that aren't absolute Garbage, like idk, hummmmm, Gangplank! _"But Gangplank is always banned"_ Gangplank is just an example. There are a lot more SoloQ stompers. Yasuo and Riven are arguably 2 of the best SoloQ picks ever. Yasuo is not a champion for everyone, but with Riven, all you need to do is Spam Q. _"But those two are always banned aswell"_ It's rare to find both banned in the same game, but in case that happens just pick some other soloQ stomper, Rengar, Shaco, LeBlanc, hell, even fucking Pantheon mid works to some degree. Basically pick a bunch of Assassins, get good at them and you will climb in no time. (or Gangplank) "blah blah blah but muh animation canceling, blah blah blah" Yeah sure, but if you are reading this then you are probably Gold V or below, and in those elos all you need to do to win with Riven is to legitemately spam Q in the general direction of your enemies and learning to use QSS for when Warwicks ult you since they are fucking everywhere in Bronze. Those Warwicks are probably some of those guys who think that if they get good enough at Warwick they will eventually reach Diamond. Hint: they wont. They'll reach Silver IV and moan about their team before dropping to Bronze III again. Why? Because they are playing a gimped champion, they are playing garbage Warwick instead of fucking Gangplank.
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