Shitty mmr system

Ok so I started this season as silver player Silver 3 In several months with very decent winrate I reached plat My Lp gains from the start after my promos were 16-18 Now it’s not the point I finally reached few months ago to plat I had very decent winerate and winstrikes I literally had once 14 games winstrike which is huge Got to gold one took a break kept going and after a week got to plat Now my mmr should be high I’m just winning games sometimes lose but my winrate was around 58% Now I tried going for high plat rank but the problem is Riot thinks it’s smart to match me almost every single game with silvers against high plats People with negative winrate Or just normal silver players I get eune has the lowest amount of players in league But why I need to reach diamond to be match with gold players And therefore I’m losing more games It’s my first time on plat since I started playing I wanna improve and get better but I don’t know yet how to deal with plats and specially with silver player who go so garen or something and think it’s op (didn’t happen but understand my point) And the enemy team lowest rank is plat 4 This shouldn’t happen neither the silver or I can deal with it So I just revive auto lose from riot games everytime and rank is something I really like to do Now the mmr is shit and I just lose games over bad match up by riots system I tried so submit few tickets they ignore me And give me excuses which are just to make me shut up I don’t know how this boards work but I hope this post will actually do something
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