Perhaps more evelynn buffs??

We know that the eve rework will be after galio.. and Warwick already got his rework! so i can't wait! eve is so weak right now! like she can't do anything against the tank junglers or any tank champions.. and this sucks! she got no stuns or anything! only camouflage.. that will not much help! like how u expect her to wait and then fight a tank champ! and full of stuns! she will just die with an blink of an eye.. i know that she can wait for her allies to attack with her! but i don't see any helpful things with this! because evelynn ganks wont do anything if they got stuns or full shields like she's totally useless! and if you build a tank items with her! that is another totally fail! can you imagine?? EVELYNN CAN FAIL IF SHE ONLY DIES 1 TIME IN EARLY GAME..! that's not fair for her! we need a evelynn buffs.. honestly! and hopefully that upcoming rework for her is gonna be good not a shitty useless pathetic rework..{{champion:28}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:28}}
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