Good morning boards! \o

[]( Alright! I'm back! ... Oh yeah... Preseason changes, I knew there was something. ----------- \*sigh* Come here you lovelys, it's gonna be alright! Here iz a safe place, have some tea and Cookies. And if you allow: snuggles! \o/ All together we can get through this time no worries, no? ^.^ Come here my children, and tell mommy what mean Riot is upsetting you with. :( ######Imma so regret this last sentence, but I've gone to worse phrasings, haven't I? :^) ------------ Regardless of all the things, just try to have a good day, aye? Because me is only happy when you is, and me likes to be happy. :3 And look at it like this: tomorrow is Friday, and that's practically weekend already! And then you got all the time you'd want to ~~play League~~ do other things. ;) ######(Also, I spent too much time on NA's M&G, hope you can't tell. :p)
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