A free dodge in promos?

We've all been there. You've been grinding soloQ for hours, getting those hard earned +20 LP, and FINALLY, you're in promos. And then, all hell breaks loose. Your support is a midlane main who got autofilled, and decides to instalock katarina. Your midlaner starts insulting him, and picks disco nunu. And you know, you just KNOW, there's no way you're going to win. But you can't dodge! Because a dodge in promos gives you an instant loss! And of course, nobody else dodges, so you go into game with 2 trolls, someone ragequits, and you end up surrendering at 15 minutes. What a horrible experience! And we've ALL been through it, no exceptions. Well I'd like to offer the possibility to players to get one FREE dodge when you get into promos, to be able to avoid such situations a little. I talked to this possibility already with some people from riot support, who mentioned that it might be abused by people who will dodge just because the enemy team comp looks too OP, or because they didn't get the champ they wanted in champ select. Although this might happen sometimes, I don't think it would be very often, for the simple reason that you would only get ONE free dodge during your promos, so you wouldn't want to waste it just because of a strong enemy team comp. Also, normally when you dodge, you only lose -3 LP. That's almost nothing. Most of the time, people don't dodge just because they don't want to have to wait 6 minutes to restart their queue, not because they're afraid to lose 3 LP... And maybe to make this free dodge more valuable, the penalty could go up to 10 minutes when it's used in promos? I don't really see any down side to this, so if you all agree, I think it would be great to get riot to think about it. Cheers!
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