Help by watching replay?

Hello Summoners! Today i had a very stressful but exciting game. It took 50 minutes, it was almost a tied game but we all thought that we were going to lose because bot got super fed. Still we won. I think i can learn a lot from this game though. I do need your help for this. If somebody could be so kind to check out the replay or the match history in the following link: [I am Wukong]( I don't know how i can send you the replay, LSI saves the replays as .lrf, idk if i can send that file or something (you have to paste the file in the folder and then add my summoner name (TostiDuel) to LSI and then check for missing games), but i can also record the game. If someone could do that for me, help me out by spending a little bit of their time and give me some tips, i would be so happy. I can't really help you out by doing the same for you since i'm not a challenger player or something but if you want me to, i would be glad to help you as well. I do know a few things where i screw up, but i definitely don't know everything. Have a nice day!

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