Greetings UK players!

Hey everyone! I'm Tom Bramwell, aka Riot Brrrammers, and I just started with the Riot Games UK team as Editor-in-Chief last week, which means I work on content stuff for publishing, esports, whatever anyone needs really. I'm still settling in, although people with exceptionally good memories may know that I worked at Riot before in 2015/2016 as part of the Brighton-based Creative Services team (RIP). Before Riot, I was a games journalist for 15 years or so, Editor-in-Chief of Eurogamer for half of that time, and I've also worked for a content agency that created stuff for a bunch of different gaming and esports places. My biggest claims to fame are that I once had dinner next to Bobby Kotick and Peter Moore follows me on Twitter xD So I've done quite a lot of random stuff, mostly in games, and I've been playing League for around four years now. I'm a mediocre ADC (Jinx mainly) who still goes ham a bit too often and despite playing Thresh support a lot when I first started out, I often fail to click the lantern. Anyway, just wanted to say hello! Hello! I'm looking forward to working on stuff that benefits you folks, and if anyone has any questions or anything, I'll do my best to answer :-)
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