Hey Riot I really understand the problem of balancing Akali. I truly dont believe this is the right way though. U are removing what makes Akali Akali, U remove the micro stun that I could respect, but I still think it´s a really important thing to Akali as is is a part of her combo, R E then e back then R again. And Since u make her ultimate weaker and weaker she gets less good in the early game. The first nerf on the ultimate where u also found some buffs as well, I really enjoyed that part, even though I main Akali. I thought that her ultimate was way to strong all the game with that low cd. But now when u nerfed it a second time, I´m not at the same page as u are, I played a game against talon, it was not playable at all. I got behind early in the gamem and really struggled they whole game. Since he consitetly was using is ultimate to either escape or on shot me, I have to use it as protection all the time. And when he does only have like around 70 seconds in with cd items in lvl 6, and my own is at 152 until lvl 11 and without buying any cd items, as u normaly dont to to akali, it was super hard. I really thing u need to rethink this nerf, since she get´s way to hard to play against other assasins that is having their ultimate to relay on, all the time. U should be forced to always use the ultimate for protection and never have access to it in the aggresive plays, in that way u will not be aloved to get back into the game unless u really are getting help for enemy team, as they could start throw or something. with that said I dont want an explination why u did this nerf becasue I Understand it. I just dont think this is the right way of doing it. As I will try to come up with a good example then I will tell u that. until then u need to make sure she won´t be as useless early compared to other assasins early on, and that´s it for now. Thank u
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