IXTAL, League's newest faction/region. Possible solved mystery about Ezreal missing parents(?)

[Insert exagerated clickbait style title with arrows everywhere <--- ---> v ^] If you havent read Ezreal new lore, im going to give a small summary/ TL;DR (spoiler alert). His parents are missing. They were last spotted somwhere in Shurima near the jungle. A few months go by and we now have a new champion from the Jungles and is apprarently from a new region that is infact an ancestor to Shurima and Mount Targon. "Ixtal was one of the first independent nations to join the Shuriman empire.** In truth, Ixtali culture is much older** [...] - gave rise to civilizations including the Buhru, magnificent Helia,** and the ascetics of Targon**-. and it is **likely** they **played a significant role in the creation of the first Ascended.**. So, much older civilization, had a huge cultural impact for Shurima, and Targon. ______ How the hell is Ezreal related to all this. Look no further than the ilustration that is serving at the background of the eu boards. Ezreal, in the jungle, in front of an old abandoned building that looks kinda similar to Ixta architecture. This place can also be the origens of his guantlet(?) we may never know. Also, Ezreal is an explorer like his parents, and what better place to explore than a jungle filled with stories about people getting lost? Ezreal's parents might have found Ixtal. Or redisovered(?). ______ COINCIDENCE?!? I THINK NOT! I am also procrastinating hard so, who knows I may be wrong. I also know that the ilustration was also made during the Ezreals VGU release. BUT the ilustration has been out in the boards for a few months AND no other region (NA, LAN, LAS, Brazil, etc) have this ilustration in the back. Could this have been a teaser all aloooong? A champion takes about 5+ months to make once it is approved by Riot superiors. So it all technically lines up. [Insert cheesy, cringey, clickbait like open question to provoke people into leaving comments down below]

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