Is this not punishable or frustrating?

When you are getting pushed non stop not so enemy can roam, but so he can auto attack you under your own turret and spam abilities in your face, while your jungler never ganks or punish that. And i mean never, not even once to gank that person. For the love of God can anyone from any division elaborate that are junglers, why you do this? Why are you NOT ganking or perma punishing the lane that is literally FREE for your taking? Let me paint a picture for you. Riven vs Velkoz - Velkoz perma pushes under Rivens turret and pokes her to not even CS under there. Enemy KhaZix doesn't gank, not even once that kind of absurd behavior. Riven vs Pantheon - Pantheon perma pushes under RIvens turret and pokes with Q, also will stun Q you and E to block the incoming turret damage, making him take perfect trade. He does this, but your jungler Twitch doesn't gank him, not even once. In both of this cases when you ask "Why didn't you gank or punish him?" your jungler would say "Well how should i know" I am talking about D1,Master,Grandmaster games on EUNE here. This crap is happening in this pisslow, so can anyone elaborate why?
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