Riots decision making over the past 10 months (10 months aprox). /// And general Rant.

Dynamic Queue Roundtable
Sit down with Pwyff, Socrates, Lobster, GBay99 and Scarra for a candid (and we mean it, this one's got more F-bombs than you can drop in a PG-13 flick--this is your mature content warning) conversation on the state of ranked competition in League and where we're going from here.
Buenas noches EUW & EUNE, Ever since Riot released their Dynamic Queue video (if you havent seen it then take a look), and after all the on going threads about the topic over the past 6 days, I thought I´d use this as my anchor to what I want to discuss (which is the decisions Riot has made for almost an entire year). ( If you want a TL;DR: Riot has been making poor decisions which have impacted negatively towards their community and their game ) ___________________ Im going to be talking about two main topics, one being about playing with friends, and two being about game balance. Lets start with number one. Ever since League of Legends came out, the game was mostly about playing solo, wether it was ranked or normals. Riot always had the feature to play with friends, but never did anything with it, it was just there. Riot would put little emphasis on the topic to play with friends, ocasionally they would make you play with friends during holiday events such as _The Harrowing _ or _Snowdown_. They would add achieveable icons (like achievements or Trophies when you play games) that you would unlock by playing a certain gamemode, map, or just simply by making a premade lobby. That´s right relatively new player, there was a time were icons were free and you didnt have to pay for them (yes these free icons appeared in during the Bilgewater event and the Shurima event). The point is, that was the only time Riot would make you play with friends, cause who doesnt want a free icon? ima right? Fast forward to 2015, during the pool party event. This was Riots first attempt to actually make people play with friends. If you never heard or experienced the 2015 Pool Party event,[click here]( This was also Riots first WORLDWIDE event, all regions participated to earn the same loot. Now, how did this event worked you ask? Well, there were a total of 6 levels, all of which you´d have to pass by getting points. These points were achieved by winning games, EXCLUSIVELY with a premade **5 man team**. Solo players could not get points, well you could, by gifting skins to friends or strangers in the end game lobby. In my honest opinion, this event was amazing. HOWEVER, this is were everything started going down hill. Let me explain. Riot stated that this was sort of an experiment aswell, they wanted to test out how successful the idea of "playing with friends is better" was. As you can tell, it was a huge success. Obviously, there was more to this, but unfortunately I dont remember too well. Ever since the Pool Party Event, Riot has been pushing and pushing and pushing the idea of "playing with friends is better" to an extend that it is getting tiring. Riot, we like playing with friends, we just dont like being forced. And that´s a point I´ll get into shortly. [¿?] (Here is a marker **[¿?]** for the point I´ll talk about, so keep an eye out for that.) ________________ On to the second topic. If we rewind the clocks back a year (almost a year), Riot introduced a new class for champions, the infamous Juggernauts. Now, Im not here to talk about them, at least not entirely. Im going to talk about how Riots recent gameplay decisions have, in some way or another, "destroyed" the game. By the looks of it, Riot wanted to spice things up and revamp certain champions that just werent accomplishing their gameplay identity. We all heard the same crap before, Juggernauts are suppose to be colossal tanks that dealt #TonsOfDamage™ with their only trade off being super slow. Now I saw two problems with these so called juggernauts: 1) They were, and still are fast... For a supposively "slow moving tank". Face it Riot, the only thing moving slow in this game are the Queue timers. 2) This broke the game so much, juggernaut items or tanky items are still getting reworked/nerfed. When a supersquishy toplane champion, or a botlane squishy marksmen, can dish out more #TonsOfDamage™ with juggernaut items, over their respective items, you know sht aint right. And when assassins, start building this crap (I saw 5 months ago a midlane Yasuo going 20+ kills with this {{item:3078}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3156}}) you know your game is broken. Thankfully Juggernauts are now "OK" 4 months after their release. But now there is another issue. The preseason. 2015 preseason was all about marksmen, again, I like the new changes as a whole, but there were, and still are some HUGE issues. Riot fixed a few champions that didnt exactly accomplish their fantasy: Quinn not being all about speed when she should have been, Graves not using a real shotgun (until now), and all the jazz. All those changes were PERFECT, the problem came with the unnecesarry item changes. Yes some items needed changes, however, others, and by others I mean *****cough cough***** {{item:3124}} *****cough cough***** should have been completely removed. Just because you want a champion or an item to fullfill their game fantasy, doesnt always mean they should. [¿?] Another marker. These end game fantasy changes may sound amazing on paper, but it only creates chaos, and when it comes to chaos in video games, the only hero that can save us is morello and his Nerf Hammer of Destiny. And now we have the Mid Year Mage update, and honestly, the game is getting extremely overwhelming (overwhelming in the most negative way you can think of). Again, just because a champion doesnt fullfill their game fantasy, doesnt mean you have to buff them via reworks to a broken status (honestly, who was the fcking genius that made those Malzahar changes? He was already an annoyance, why did you make matters worse? I completely agree with his passive, but the voidling army......) We also got new items, which thankfully arent much of a problem. ______________________________ Now, if you have been following those markers, I am now gonna talk about it. If you didnt understand what the markers were pointing out, I was pointing out Riots descision making and how they respond to them (wether its feed back from the community or in side Riot HQ). Thing is, ever since the Pool Party event and the massive champion role revamps, I have been seeing some next level dogmatism from Riot. When Riot has an idea, and they go full force, they will ignore their community almost entirely. "Riot, we are tired of playing with friends, during an event like Pool Party 2015, I want to play solo". What does Riot say in their videos? After looking at some feedback, we can see that players like the idea of playing with friends, so we are putting more focus on that. Riot, i dont know about you, but every time you bring up an event that obligates the players to join a premade lobby, the forums go crazy. Forums all over NA, EU, OCE, LAN, LAS, etc. I dont know where you are getting said feedback, but when a BIG portion of your community is against one of your ideas, you completely ignore said feedback. Hence why I said that Im seeing a dogmatic attitude. We can discuss about the situation and share our opinions, but you just ignore it. And here is where people, or at least I can see it, its called Dynamic Queue. Now, before people get crazy. I know Riot tried to bring Solo Queue back, but they couldnt because it just wasnt possible (for who knows what reason). 1) The idea is Dynamic Queue, 2) people are against it, 3) Riot tries to make a solution but doesnt work, 4) Dynamic Queue is not working properly for high elo players, and they still go with the idea that Dynamic Queue is the solution. 6) And players are still against it. __________ Riot, here is how basic sht goes, when it comes to making a new system. If it works around ALL levels, then keep it. If it doesnt work around all levels (Diamond, Master and Challenger), then the system doesnt work. And here is the issue I am seeing with your Decisions. When you guys stick to an idea, you stick to it like goddamn super glue. Im seeing Riot act like a child who wants to fix an unfixable toy beyond believe, when they should in fact let go and think of another solution. As a company, you want your product to work for everyone. Right now Dynamic Queue is not working properly for higher elos, yet your solution to the problem is reverting back to what Solo Queue practically was, not to mention that LCS teams cant play as a team anymore. _________________ Over the past 10 months you guys have kept some serious tunnel vision in your ideas, and it feels like you dont give a damn about your communities feedback. Just look at Skarner for crying out loud. You made like what, 5 reworks and 2 BIG reworks on Skarner, when he NEVER needed them, and just now you admit that it was a bad moved after trying to fix a problem (that never existed) for over 2 years. That´s why I am saying you´re dogmatic, you dont accept other truths. When some one (in this case your entire community) has been telling you that Skarner NEVER needed a rework and you completely ignore it and as a result you ended up making Skarner the most heavily reworked champion because you tried to "fix a problem" when there never was one... Its frustrating. You have a community who is passionate with your game, but when the people behind their favorite game dont listen or dont rethink a decision for a future idea that your community is against. Then honestly, I would tell everyone I know to ignore your game. Because all I can see are people who dont listen 100%. It took you 2 years to accept that you made a mistake with skarner, I dont want to know how long it will take until you realize other possible mistakes you do in the future. ____________ Riot, I love your game. And I know that there are passionate players working there that also love your game. But its frustrating when you dont accept that sometimes your ideas are wrong, and instead of going back a few steps to figure out the real problem, you decide to go ahead with the idea and at the same time you try to fix it (only making matters worse). _________________________________________ Now, not everything has been bad, your lore updates have been oustanding, the rotational gamemode thing is awesome (eventhough I am against having Legend of the Poro King and URF in the rotating Queue). Champion releases are flat out incredible. Kits are unique, character developement is orgasmic. All those things are GREAT! However your social in-game aspects as well as you champion role revamps have been a disaster. We´ve been pratically in preseason mode for 8 months, and we will continue to be in preseason mode for an entire year (cause that Mid Year Mage update is going to take all summer to get it at an enjoyable balance state for players of all skill levels). Im honestly afraid of what you´re going do to Ryze. Last thing I want is an AP maksmen Juggernaut with highmobility. __________________ Anyway, that´s my thread of the day. Like it, dislike it, do what ever you want to do with this thread. All I want is for Riot to listen and accept that their decisions are not always the best and only ones out there. You have a passionate community Riot, hear them out, cause some of them have a voice that they arent even aware of.
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