My personal expirience with Ranked Games (No Complains here, Chief)

This season, i decided to play nothing more but Ranked. i mean, i do play Normal Blind and Draft with Friends (and i play it when i, for example, main top {{champion:86}} , mid {{champion:517}} and support {{champion:555}} , and if i get bored of them, i simply go play blind pick with some other champs, and if i feel like playing those 3 mains, i just hop back in ranked) From Bronze III to Bronze I at 50 LP is probably not much for some players, but for me, it's a blessing. Pro Tip: Don't play Support in Ranked unless you have a premade ADC, trust me. if you're a pro support, then go ahead and play! <3 the games in which i noticed more success was when i played some few games As Jungle. Champs Consisting {{champion:102}} and {{champion:28}} (Not a perfect score, but their kit help a lot in teamfights and Focusing the Carries) some games on any other lane is either win, then lose , lose, then win , lose, lose , lose, etc etc etc. (Now i don't wanna sound like your Typical Useless player that flames, but i've also noticed that in lower elo, people that play jg gank way less than what they are suppose to, so it would make sense to why i took the jg role) i also noticed that i've gotten better (despite being level 158 as of 3/19/2019) at communicating with my team and trying to make a strategy in how we could win the game that went wrong to begin with. So, to make things clear on the boards, this is not a complain, this is just my random overall expirience in Ranked and how players around me changed a lot than the last season (but there are some toxic players in ranked sooooo /mute riven ) btw Happy St. Patrick's Day! for those who celebrate it! (it was 2 days ago but kek) so thank you for reading this, i hope you have a good day and good luck in your Ranked Games! Sincerely, FunnyFriend23 , real name Steven.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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