LOL :D i've never dodged in my life except now

I've always been one of those "yea well why you dodge" -guys. Now i dodged. Twice. One of our teammates accidentally banned Kled, someone in our team wanted to play kled jungle. So he said he'll troll the shit out of us and picked zilean jungle and told he'll troll. So i decided to dodge. 5min queue timer, fair enough. I dodged, shit happens. After 5 mins we went for another game, just normally. The next game after that we had this player joining , who immediately said that he has had horrible games today, so he'll just pick whatever he wants and troll us. I tried to ask him that do we, the new 4 players deserve to lose because he has had shit players in his team? He said that ofc we do because we are in the same bucket. Ofc it's our - new 4 guys fault - that he previously had 4 bad players. Totally. He wanted to "give us A LESSION" :D:D like dafuq. Yea people do shit things to you, so you give a lesson to other peoples? Sounds legit. And bam, 20min queue timer after i decided to dodge that one. Well, can't really complain i think. I did dodge. But i think i saved hours of frustrating game time from 18 players. edit: I will serve my 20 minutes with pride because i didn't want anyone to suffer because of zilean jungle who said he'll troll, and in another game with a jungler who said it's our fault that his previous teammates were bad so he'll troll.

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