Boards suggestion: Increase the timeout window for up- and downvotes.

Currently, up- and downvotes have a pretty short timeout timeout window, of about 8 votes. (the exhaust icon that tells you that you can't do that) I understand a timeout for comments and posts, to prevent flooding and spamming, but why put up and downvotes in the same category? You can't flood the boards with up and downvoting, can you? The problem right now is that if you see a conversation between 2 people and you want to up or downvote multiple posts, you get times out after about 8 votes. If you then decide to leave a comment yourself, your comments starts with 0 upvotes, rather than the standard 1, and that you can't upvote other conversations anymore because you have to wait to continue. Especially in a topic with over 50 replies, this can be annoying. I was wondering if this could be changed, and if not, what the reason for the timeout window is.
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