just my thoughts on the game

every patch i think to myself, "when will riot stop killing the game" this game is losing players every season and got kicked out of pole position by fortnite on twitch, you only focus on the popular champions for skins you create meaningless things to get us exited for a dying game like the honor system and uncapped leveling, no one cares about this you create a worthless teamspeak in the LoL app when everyone uses discord, %%%%ing premade teamspeak is shit, we need teamspeak in solo Q where it matters riot focuses too much on proplay they forget about the actual community when it comes to balance, rengar gonna keep getting buffed until he shits on faker or some pro player until they nerf him many people only play this game because they have committed thousands of hours to this game and their own money, its hard to leave league of legends, not because of a passion but because we invested a lot, being a silver player surrounded by toxicity in majority of games makes me want to stop but i cant because that will mean throwing away most of my teenage life... riot just became money grabbing whores like the majority of the gaming industry, and lost their touch with the community LEAGUE OF LEGENDS IS DYING LEAGUE OF LEGENDS E SPORTS IS DYING NON POPULAR CHAMPIONS ARE BEING INGNORED RIOT CREATING WORTHLESS THINGS THAT WE DON'T WANT (PREMADE TEAMSPEAK, HONOR SYSTEM, BE SYSTEM) AND MOST OF ALL, THE GAME IS NOT FUN ANYMORE, the gameplay has gotten boring when you have to follow the meta to win, when one lanes %%%%s up and the game is practically gone.... the only interesting thing one can do is troll or flame just to amuse themselves but that will get you banned (i don't agree with flaming and trolling just saying that's the only way this game can entertain a player) i might be a low elo player so i aint a good player, but i have been playing this game for a long time, it doesn't take the best player in the world to see what this game has come to
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