"Minorities are a class that need to be patronized in order for them to compete meaningfully to Men.

I took this from a post on the NA boards. And no. There's no competing here, at least I don't see it. I don't feel like I'm "competing" against females or non-binary people. I'm competing against other people. In-game that is. Litterally, as long as you breathe and have a brain you, in my eyes, are a respected human being that should have everything that you could ever wish for. Now, what you say, changes that, **insert mandatory Daniel Z Klein reference here** since you can't just say "you can't be sexist against men" or that "minorities can't be racist" and expect that shit to not to backfire. "Oh wow, men have **sooo** much power", I'm a white male and so far I've been bullied and harrassed (by females and males alike) and I seriously don't understand the "power" that I have. Am I like a Jedi or something? Because so far it doesn't seem like it. Seriously, get a grip Riot. Fire these dumbass SJWs. Anyways, I just needed to write this in order to "relief" myself from all of the mental frustration this situation is causing me since, just thinking about SJWs claiming to have no power when there's out kids starving to death just drives me mad. Seriously. 1st World Problems am I right? Take these people, put them in the most miserable spot to live on and you'll see how their attitude will change. Just saying. P.S. I'm ok with women, non-binary folks, and whatever other "complicated" sexuality you guys have. I'm just not ok with SJWs. I can't handle this level of stupidity that leads to these dramas.
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