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Hey guys, (Check the bottom for TL;DR) I'm running into something wierd.. Probuild stats shows 2 wierd things.. 1. the live feed shows 2 games in the last 24hts and then it basicly turns into months before they had a live feed?? 2. They are in avarage mostly ap combined with the glacial rune and ap item actives that go with it (on itself not wierd, shaco's abilitys all scale with ap..) and 3 of the most recent games he was played as support. (link below this) But when you go to the normal Shaco champion page(link below) it tells me something totally difrent and that he is mainly played with electrocute in the jungle while going full ad with only hydra as some hp gain and i guess for the item active early trough Tiamad so he has quicker clear speed??? I kinda used the site because I saw the cool kids doing it (streamers, mainly Sneaky nowadays) but the data the site shows seems kinda pointless unless you are looking what one specific person has most recently played with the hope that the live feed got updated???? Is this the right conclusion or am I missing something..? And how come there is so little games in the live feed, it gos from 3 games in the last 48 hours to months of no new live feed..? Also, not to forget.. is there somewere else I should look for wierd but working rune picks (cause glacial shaco sounds annoying af to have to deal with and it seems do-able..) I know Phy does video's were he checks what wierd builds/rune picks (that actually work) people in Korea are doing so I'm going to check those so im going to sift trough those if glacial Shaco is in there and report back if so.. I'm just wierded out by the live feed thing and that people actually seem to still use the website and am wondering if im missing out somewere.. (not looking for obvious stuff like links to mobafirelike websites or like things..) I was looking/expecting to sift trough a huge list of last played games of one singled out champion so you can more easily compare games with eachother but all I got was data based on 3 games within the last week and then months after XD So yea.. Those are my questions and** (TL;DR) I was wondering** if anyone else ran into this aswell and **what your experience with probuilds is in terms of usefulness.** Ty for your reply, and cya on the rift!{{sticker:poppy-wink}}
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