I got permabanned and i'm actually living a happier life

I wasn't actually flaming until the end, since this one guy onto my nerves and fed, so I told him to "%%%". Right away after the game I got permabanned, and I'm actually happy about it, I didn't spend too much money, only my friends gave me gift cards, and honestly my ban has changed my life in a positive way. I always got very mad when I lost games, going on huge losing streaks would put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. After my ban, I don't miss league, in fact I am so happy without it I fully uninstalled it from my computer. My health is better, my mood in general is better, I can focus more on academics and I never have angry thoughts after a bad game. I have gotten better at basketball, what is my favorite sport, and have even beaten a school record. I honestly reccomend people who feel the need to play league of legends just cause they dont have anything else to do, to uninstall the game. MY LIFE has fully changed after uninstalling league, after I got permabanned. I play a little fortnite here and there with friends to get some free time, but honestly league of legends doesn't bring anyone further in life. I litterally just came back to the forums to tell you this, and even if I get banned from writing here anymore, I just wanted to tell everyone who feels the need to play league, to just uninstall. (its a dead game anyways) Thanks for reading till here :)
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