new way to solve the early afk players

so everyone now and then got this afks and can't remake the 3 min mark or someone who go afk after the game start +5 min .. and they stay like that for ever and you loss -20 or something like that ... why riot not do give us something like the dodge in rank games ... "first one is -3 and 5 min ... after that -10 and 30min etc " **like this** : after 5 min from the start of the game if someone was afk form 5 min till 10 min and did not came back you can ff and loss 10lp the one who start the ff is the one who will use his 1 time day LP Remake .... after that remake .. if you remake at 10 min you loss normal LP loss but after that you loss +5 on every remake you do it work like this ( first remake at 10 min is -10lp/ 2ed is normal lp / 3rd is normal lost +5 /4th normal lost lp +10 )etc but will not effect your mmr after the 15 min mark hit the remake will be locked and you will loss normal LP only on ff ... this ff will open at 5 and close at 14:30 min and before you down vote the post vote here i just wanna know if the players read all the post or just open and down vote !!
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