I "created" a Riot "product...

Hi! Μy name is Pela, i am from Greece .. i am 28 years old gamer and i met my ex husband while playing with my friends, outside the dragon, in Summoner's Rift... Αfter a while i met him face to face, we felt in love and some years laters i found out i was pregnant... we got married and my beautiful daughter was borned on 30 seprember 2013... now she starts talking and she already says "captain teemo" (actually sounds like capain memo but ok :P)! i keep playing once a day at least.. i loved league of legends since it was released and although i stopped for quite some time since i found out i was pregnant, i started again after my daughter started her pre school... And i will try to support Riot because it was the reason my pretty girl is here now, plus i consider her a very very respectful company... so... Thank you Riot. i own you a lot even while you had no clue... My life would never be as it is if i havent started this game... I hope i will be able to find an Annie Costume for my daughter to fit it with her black teddy bear we named Kickonicko Tibbers :P
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