Bye bye trash can game, trash can players and trash can staff[/img][/img] BYE BYE to this game of shit, Riot trash games and this game will fall if they continue with this managment, the game is full of NOOBS, UNSKILLED PLAYERS, TROLLS, BOOSTED ACCOUNTS, SHARED ACCOUNTS, RUSSIAN OR TURKISH GOLD ACCOUNTS THAT HAVE BOUGHT THE ACCOUNT TRANSFER TO EUW (GOLD in TR or RU is like bronze 5 in euw) but yea...BETTER BAN WHO FLAMES one of these here above 'cause they feed, troll or other shit... You liked my 300euros RITO now u can fuk yourself, with your game with your trashcan players ,ALL NOOBS... MY FEELING ARE NEAR TO TYLER1 BIGGEST VICTIM OF THIS SHIT MANAGMENT AND MECHANISM , FUK ALL YOURSELF ADIOS
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