A couple of ugly truths about this game

1. Players that are not at least Platinum complaining about champions being broken, underpowered, OP, or trying to change stuff that affects the game are just like a group of people that only ever played football at an amateur level and are trying to change the official football rules. 2. There are many ways in which people can troll and ruin the fun for others while tricking the system and not ever risking to get banned. For example only intentionally feeding small amounts of kills, only feeding intentionally in late game when it matters the most, or afk`ing intentionally for short periods of time. 3. One player can make nine others waste 20+ minutes of their lives if he really wants to, rendering the others helpless, until they can surrender or they lose and only then they can get a bit of revenge by reporting the guy, and still they won't really know if that guy will eventually get punished. 4. For the majority of this game's community the small little chat box in the left corner of the screen matters more than the game itself. 5. Cheats can be hardly detected . And most players have no idea how to detect a cheater . Not only that but there are cheats that just give you slight advantages which really cannot be detected by anyone, for example the scripts which show you the pattern in which a skillshot will land, with lines and circles from the moment that the enemy presses the button, ward timers, enemy skill timers. 6. Players are basically free to do whatever they want as long as they don't intentionally feed/afk/leave/flame. Even if they ruin the fun for others. For example I can play Teemo and only plant mushrooms all game long, no helping the team, no pushing turrets, nothing, only plant mushrooms, and no one is allowed to say anything bad to me, plus I will not get banned or punished in any way by Riot because they will assume that I'm just a bad player or it's just my play style . 7. All reportable offenses except afk/leave and cheating are based on stuff that is written, be it in the chat or in the summoner's name. 8. Your own performance during a game is totally ignored from a ranked perspective. The LP you lose or gain does not relate to your performance. Playing good in a team that lost is not rewarding and playing bad in a team that won isn't punishing . 9. Honors do not matter at all when Riot judges a player behavior. You may have 1000 honors, but if you flamed a couple of times and got reported they will render you as toxic. All positive feedback that other players give about you is completely ignored. 10. The system that punishes players based on reports doesn't count the amount of games played to judge a player's toxicity level, it counts the time in which the player accumulated the reports . So basically a player that would play 1 game every month for a year but would flame and get reported in all 12 games played in that year would not get punished even though he showed negative behavior in 12 out of 12 games cause he did that in a long span of time. But a player that plays 120 games each month and flames in 12 out of them would probably get punished right in the first month cause he did that in a short time span, even though he only showed negative behavior in 12 out of 120 games.
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