I just got an Ahri puntakill! \o/

I never really was one to bother with multikills, and usualyl they aren't very impressive either way, as they tend to just happen by someone randomly getting all last hits in teamfights. (This was actually just one of those, caught the enemy ADC, and ended up getting the other 4 with random dps.) But none the less, after having had a downtime with league and just spamming tons of normals recently because I felt like my performance was no gud for ranked, getting to pop off in my first ranked again just makes me happeh! \o/ And that's gon be all folks, have a great morning if that's when you read this, and evening for you, you really should go sleep. .-.= (And of course, keep on being awesome, but it's not like I have to tell you that cutie~) https://68.media.tumblr.com/5b89ef42a77c054c62e2a3f64c0d9156/tumblr_o9nen3cYuT1v969wgo1_500.jpg
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