Aren't you people irritated with this role-swaping?

As it's said in title, not always happens, but more and more often. I enter a game and I see Soraka top going for DPS build or Janna doing the ADC role. But the most irritating is the support role and as an ADC main, it pisses me off roughly.. I mean I go Kai'sa with for ex. Leona or Tresh and I'm vs Lucian and.... SWAIN? I don't care for meta, but come on Swain ain't no support, same as teemo. It makes the botlane playing so unequal.. Swain does 2x more damage without any fully builded item than the ADC with infinity edge, or teemo blinding you with every 4 seconds - how are you supposed to farm? Back in the days it was simple and clear - Toplane was for Tank, mage was on mid and A TRUE support was doing botlane with marksman, not everyone is playing whatever they want wherever they want. NOT TO MENTION - after that Rekkles/Hyli composition of Garen & Yummi on World's, guess what ! Next day I play ranked and 6/10 games are Garen Yummi bot and they feed and lose, but they saw FNC doing it, so they think they're capable of managing it too, cause they are on the same skill level as Fnatic team, right? And this works exactly like a new champion come-out... silver players buy and what they do? Do go a ranked match, never playing this champion before and end up with 0/2454124/0
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