From Honor 4 to Honor 1 in 2 games....

So I can take a hit ingame. Im mostly calm cos it is just a game and everyone can have a bad game or just try out a new champ. As I said I was on Honor 4 just yesterday with 1 point already in the bag from the 3. I dont play a lot so that would say Im a relatively sportsman guy I presume. I had 2 games where I was apparently so disturbing to the League Community that it was worthy of a 10 game chat restriction and defaulting me on my Honor. Now I did not thought this through and did not copy the chat messages I can tell you what happened: Game one: This was a game from yesterday. I played Singed on top ( Im a support main but thought why not give this a go and change things up a bit. ) and I got Darius against me. There is no need to say but I will, I was bad.... I couldnt even farm under tower cos I was taken out in no time. I was playing stupidly and got punished for it. I had no help either cos the premade mid and jungler had one thing to say: STOP FEEDING. No help from either of them though. SO, what ensued was a shitfest of mid and jungler blaming me for feeding even though our Kalista on bot was even worse off than me having even more deaths than I had to no kills at all... Those two guys did not even surrendered saying they carry us 3. The game was lost by the 10 minute mark and the only thing they did was keeping us there, wasting our time. The support does not see this only what happens in chat though... I did say offensive things, such as "bronze peasant" or "useless jungler" and "learn to play your role jungler" ( who did not gank either bot or top ). But that was it. Game Two: We had a guy in champ select who started with "I cant play adc im goin mid", then as soon as he got the chance on picking champs he locked Lux. He started champ select so had it easy on that part. In the end it was agreed by the 2 parties that mid will take adc and it will be fine but at the time that was a %%%% move locking it without even asking. And to that I told him in champ select " You're a c**t :) " Now yes, i agree that was uncalled for. Now the game went like ..... well, it wasn't great. And I did call him out on the fact that he was bad. " You suck at being on mid as you suck on ADC it seems. " Now I dunno bout you guys but that to me seems pretty much acceptable compared to what others say to me when they die and I dont follow them to their deaths. This game I went Karthus supp cos its fun and it could work well. Now just as a side note I had a higher CS than mid or jungler by the end of the game which is kinda funny since Lux can farm pretty well. But I digress. The point of this thread is that Riot needs to evaluate their shit real quick. If You dare playing normals with people on bronze and silver levels, the chances of you actually having a good time, with no needless or uncalled for flaming or verbal abuse is almost non existent. The answer to "mute all" is not an answer at all. If You cannot play the game without being harassed then what is the point? You can also go and say that "if this happened as You say than u would not have been given this disciplinary in the first place". While I do admit that I may or may not have said other things nothing would be considered as extremely out of line. I have nothing to hide since Im writing here about this. If any of the Riot guys can and want, be my guest and copy the 2 games' chat log here. Also, as I said: I was in Honor 4 already. Not to mention that this is my first ever disciplinary since I started playing. And Ive been playing since season 1. Riot picked out two games where I've been reported for being toxic and I have been given this middle finger and yet the people saying the N word get nothing at all. Or the guy saying "%%%" several times. I get notified if someone who I reported gets penalised so I know if they got %%%%ed. Even If I have been reported more than twice, they considered these 2 as being too much hence I get this. But seriously this Honor system is a joke, and giving away disciplinary like this is just ridiculous. Oh well, guess if people dont play ranked and are not at least diamond then they are not allowed to enjoy the game without being harassed. ( And yes I say that as I have just got fisted for "being toxic" ) Mute all it is from now on. And people wonder why it that the League Community is being called toxic and uninviting.... Edit: I have been a noob and didnt know that I can get the report once I relog -.- Game 1 In-Game Kendee: any gank on top??? Kendee: well start pushing him so i wont die under tower Kendee: not my fault that u didnt help at all Kendee: wow this is what u call help??? XD Kendee: also Kendee: funny how i feed yet u fail to mention kalista Kendee: XD malph learn your role Kendee: cos u were on top to help as well as the jungler Kendee: u play this game and u start blaming others when u lose Kendee: grow up and learn to lose Kendee: also you all blame me when check out kalista Kendee: fine Kendee: says the mid who cannot roam and the jungler who cannot gank XD Kendee: so lux and malph waste my time Kendee: there is your report Kendee: lol Kendee: lux and malph wont surrender and they are the ones who are toxic Kendee: i know Kendee: report lux and malph Kendee: 2 premades who are wasting others's time and being toxic while doing so Kendee: carrying? yeah i see that XD Kendee: well im supp main and havent played singed for years. not to mention top lane. the fact is, he didnt gank Kendee: nor lux roamed Kendee: and im blamed for everything Kendee: they do not surrender when it is clear we have no chance Kendee: and still, im flamed Kendee: see? XD Post-Game Kendee: lux and malph reported Kendee: kids need to learn to lose Kendee: bronze peasant Game 2 Pre-Game Kendee: and u are a %%%% :)) In-Game Kendee: go ahead Kendee: best mid eu XD Kendee: wasnt talking to you Kendee: lux u not only suck on adc you are terrible on mid too XD Kendee: -.- Kendee: yeah, time to thank jinx for saving your ass Kendee: toxic? for telling the truth? Kendee: or for the fact that lux instalocked mid when he was given bot? Kendee: lee why did u jump back??? Kendee: 3/6/4 Kendee: 3/6/4 Kendee: no ur not mate Kendee: u need more map avareness Kendee: awareness* Kendee: and a better jungler :D
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