What MMO? Where is it?

So I really love all Riot did and are working on for the anniversary and appreciate all the projects they worked on, in the stream they talked about the following: - League of Legends: Wild Rift (A release of LoL for mobile and console) and Teamfight Tactics Mobile - Legends of Runeterra, a free-to-play card game - Project L, a fighting game - Project A, an Overwatch-style first person shooter - Arcane, an animated series starring who appears to be Jinx as a child Now why's everyone talking about an MMO? They don't appear to have talked about one at all in the stream (although they showed some clips of what appears to be a top-down game with Blitzcrank). Am I missing out on something? Or is one of those games an MMO that I didn't know about? Please let me know.
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