League is dying? My Opinion

Dear Riot Games, dear Summoners! Some people are saying, that League is a dying game. Also, there are also people quitting this game. I just want to touch this topic once again by giving my own opinion about this. I just want to make people to think more about this and their own behaviour and also i want to kindly ask riot for a little statement if it is possible. Before I want to start with showing you my view about this topic, i just want to secure that you all know that this is MY opinion. My english isn't perfect, too. Mistakes are done by everybody! **COMMUNITY/PLAYER BEHAVIOUR** In my opinion, the community is more and more changing. While thinking back to the player behaviour some years ago, I have to say that people are getting more and more toxic and indifferent. Mistakes are following discussions about usefulness of this play and/or sentences like "gj, ggwp game over", "wow, everytime those %%%%%%s" and so on. There is rarely somebody who is writing nothing or just "Sh*t happens, stay focussed"/"everyone does mistakes, keep cool". Some players are waiting for those situations, just to have a good reason to flame somebody. What I want to say is, that when somebody does a mistake what can happen everytime, some players stop to play and start writing. The frustrating thing is, that because of this more mistakes happen. That's definitely not the majority of players doing those things, but there are just too much people practising this method. Muting doesn't help, because you can't stop them from writing and force them back to play. Also, when players loose their lane, they often call out for "ff" or "surrender" without trying anymore. They see a lost lane as lost game and not as an opportunity to come back in game and win it as a team. A lack of gameknowledge is also a problem. Loosing as a lategame-comb versus an early-comb in the earlygame is hard to avoid, but still not a lost game. Working as a team can usually win those games,although you are behind, but there are only a few trying. And that's a point where my tiltresistance breaks. There is a point where I start to tilt, because of this "I don't care anymore"-attitude. Why does this lead to a dying game? Years ago this wasn't so big as it is today. And the point is, that this is growing (MY opnion). Riots bansystem is complex and working mostly well, but it doesnt work for 100%, what it will never reach (like every ban-system). But improving some aspects of this system would lead to a better game experience. There could be some new penalities added, for other misbehaviour than writing "k's" or "you xxxxxxxx" or being 0/32/0. I would appreciate such new development. But that hadn't happened yet and in my opinion it won't happen some day. BECAUSE RIOT DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THIS AND THAT'S THE CRTICAL POINT **GAMEMODES/MAPS** Yes, there is SR(=Summoers Rift) and ARAM(All Random All Mid; at the moment on Butcher`s Bridge). Oh, wait. There is also a map called TT(=Twisted Treeline). I feel like I have never heard from this nicely map before. Should try it out....... What I want to point out with this topic is, that IN MY OPINION Riot cares about SR. And ARAM (now). But what about TT. I just list the things I want to mention: It feels like Riot cares alot about SR. Yes, the map looks nicely and got updated. All is about this map, there are four gamemodes you can play on. Everything is alright, nothing to critice now. And there was ARAM, and it was somehow forgotten, but now got a nicely event, three new items, new design, some items were remvoed because they were so good on this map. I like that Riot worked on this. BUT what about TT? I mean, yes, it was updated some years ago, the old map was also nice but the new one is just better. There is also one mechanic on TT, that isn't granted to SR, you can't build up vision on this map, like in ARAM (I take out the poro here). But that was it (I also leave Vilemaw out, because it is just a weaker baronbuff with some other effects on it). That was it totally. There is a own meta on this map, some items are also disabled, but that was it. I want that RIot gives more love they used for ARAM now to update TT. It is absolutely not looked on, it is like a forgotten map. I would appreciate to see some updates there, some own items or another balance change, like an jungle update or new unique mechanics. And who knows DOMINION? I really liked Dominion and it is deleted. Why? Because only a few players played it. Nice reason. Sure, let's delete it permanently. Who cares about the angry people quitting League now? NOBODY. I would like to see it again, and whenever it is a rotating gamemode at weekends, that would be enough for the start. This really unique playmode was funny to play and had a factor of secure. Games never lasted longer than 25 minutes. You could do a game, although you know you had not enough time for a ranked or normal game. Please think about it and bring it back. But that hadn't happened yet and in my opinion it won't happen some day. BECAUSE RIOT DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THIS AND THAT'S THE CRTICAL POINT The topic of URF and ARURF has in my opinion already finished, cause Riot jusified with clear arguments the change. I have no real problem with it, I like ARURF same like URF, although it is sometimes not really funny to play. That's why I don't look at this in this discussion. **CHANGES/PATCHES** I don't want to talk about the current changes that had happened, but about Riots attitude to changes and the actual procedure. Is something not played often or nearly forgotten, it will be changed in the future. If there is a main problem, let's change it and make it to a new problem. We are already in a phase of changing changes. Im always open to new changes, but there only changes. ONLY. And there are so much changes. Changes there and here. I mean, changes like the Runes are really good and well planned, but there are those changes that are in some cases just not well planned or not useful. Every new season it feels like a meta-change, because there are SO MANY CHANGES. If you stop to play legaue for three month, you have to learn to play a totally new game. Slowing this a bit down would help a lot. And were are at a phase, where Riot doesn't adapt to us as players anymore, no, we have to adapt to Riot. Riot rules and we have to play that what they give us. They don't work with the community, there is a barrier between. I would like to see something changing HERE. But that hadn't happened yet and in my opinion it won't happen some day. BECAUSE RIOT DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THIS AND THAT'S THE CRTICAL POINT **CHAMPIONS/ABILITIES** There are so many Champions with unique playstyles and different item paths. I like it. Sadly, some Champions are weaker, some are stronger. And what happens. NOTHING. Riot just nerfs or buffs Champion that fit into the meta, other champions are forgotten. At the moment, there are so many useless toplaners, while only a few are viable and strong. While buffing one Champion, riot doesn't cares about the effects, so some champions are also getting weaker because others being buffed. Sadly Riot just want to see some Champions, the others they just don't care about. I don't like that only Riot can decide that this or that Champion gets buffed, I mean they decide the whole meta with buffing one or another champion. I feel like the community has zero impact on that. I would like to see something changing HERE. But that hadn't happened yet and in my opinion it won't happen some day. BECAUSE RIOT DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THIS AND THAT'S THE CRTICAL POINT **CONCLUSION** All these points lead to one thing: League is loosing players. But at the moment, League is getting more players than they loose. Until this changes, nothing will happen (MY OPINION). But why does this happen? I used one sentence under every topic: "BECAUSE RIOT DOESN'T CARE ABOUT THIS AND THAT'S THE CRTICAL POINT" What does that mean? Riot is a company, they own this game, theay decide. Yes, it is free to play, that's nice, there are new skins every patch, that's how the company earns money. And Riot is loosking for the most money 8like every company), so they want as many players as they get. So as a consequence, they create this game and change it more and more to a style so more players come and play it. The thing is, that Riot decides everything, the community, the "base" how this game got popular, the many players in the early pahse created this game too. They tried out new things, new strategys and Riot learned out of it. But Riot evolved too, they are now at a point where they in some aspects SH*T on this base, they do, and that is their right, what they want. But why is League dying, when there join more palyers than quit? Because we don't look for one year, but we look for something like 5 years. The new changes will be changed again and again, more and more palyers will be bored and quit. Yeah true, there are Pro-Players who live from this game and they will always adapt because it is their income. And also they are just those palyers who play for fun that will play what makes fun. But palyers who want to climb in elo, that try to come out of Bronze and some that try to come Diamond, those players will slowly get rid of this game. And now we touched a part, where I want to explain why I wrote this long Comment. I spend a lot of time on this game, I learned Champions, adapted to the meta, and tried to climb. But at the end I am more and more at a point, that I get enough from this game. The new patch has destroyed the in my opinion goodly balanced meta from before and made the actual meta to a nightmare. I really liked this games, had ups and downs but now I'm at a point where im a few steps before quitting League. For those checking my Account on sites like op.gg or leagueofgraphs: Yes, I have lost so much games in the last week, but thats not the actual point. My friends and I (they don't play so much like me and they play thos game mostly for fun) see this game more and more unbalanced, unfunny and dying. Because Riot works on his own, because they decide totally from their view (thats MY OPINION) and we as community or playerbase have no impact, nothing to say, although we paly this game. Now I come to the end. For all who read this massive text, congratulations, you have made it! I again just want to say, that this all is MY VIEW, MY OPINION and it is MY ASSUMPTION how it works. If you have a different opinion, discuss with me in the comments about this topic, I would like to read other opnions and understanding their view. For those who have the same opinion, wrote If I forgot something you would add! And also: If I said something that is untrue or if you don't understand what I want to say, let me know in the comments. Nobody is perfect. I will try to correct or explain it! Thanks for your time. I'm looking forward to discuss with you! Cornspies
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