im a plat main but cant carry in silver games

For some reason, I feed in silver elo, like I cant carry games when my top laner goes 0/7, But for some reason in plat elo, i have a higher win rate then on my silver smurf... Why is this?. my conclusion/ theory is that players refuse to listen to pings and things that I say , "things like, just farm under the tower" they ignore it and think there faker that can 1v1 with a 2 item and 2 level deficiet, that being said I never flame and always give advice, if they flame back i just mute and continue on its frustrating and i simply cannot carry a team where I have a laner losing badly, in plat its different ... and quite frankly its embarassing when my friends see i have a negative win rate on my smurf... I do feel sorry for my friends that play super safe but are stuck in silver due to bad team mate over feeding, like what can you do against a 10/2 akali that one shots you when you had nothing to do with the feed in the first place?
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