Some clear insight into Riot's issues, and who's to blame for these issues.

Now as most of you know EUW is currently going bonkers. No one understands why, people are flaming the client, etc. However the issue is not really the client (not fully atleast). You have to understand what a Operations team does. I myself am part of a team of 10 people who guard over our datacenter here in Belgium. We keep it up and running 24/7 and ensure that everything is okay and working as it should. I will not go into detail as to how our redundancy or security works, but I can tell you this: - It's weekend, and I'm on guard. This means that I'm at home right now, getting paid extra, because whenever my phone rings I have to sprint to work to fix issues if there's any severe problems with any servers. We have a big variety of customers that trust us. If we don't have any people on guard, we would be out of business, same goes with Riot. -> Whenever stuff like this happens, there's an employee who gets woken up/called in the middle of doing something (see it as a surgeon) and he/she will have to go to work asap to fix issues. So issues might be found, but it might take a while before anyone can fix them because weekend. - Operations engineers (network guru's) are not to blame here. Network guru's are the ones that guard/fix the issues that present during times. The main problem lies in what your company is willing to spend on infrastructure aswell as money to keep people on guard etc. If Riot (which is probably the case) decides to cheap out on servers, the network team will have to make it work somehow. Money is the most important thing in business (especially if your servers are only for your use and not for your customers). Every datacenter has redundancy (or should have), meaning they have more servers than they need to use at a particular time, incase of errors, issues, load problems etc. Most datacenters also automatically spin up more servers as load increases, or increase the performance of servers aswell as the cooliing solution to make it work. If Riot cheaps out on these options, you can expect these kind of failures to happen a lot (they downscaled their serverfarm a lot when people started quitting). If people start playing new gamemodes/start playing again, they'll have to upgrade infrastructure. This however is communicated by your OPS Lead, and should be. TLDR: don't always blame the developers, or operations. Most decisions are made at the table where the brandy is served.
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