The removal of IP feedback

I would like to address the current situation with the new blue essence instead of IP. When this happened I was level 30 and didn't have many champions but it didn't bother me. I played the game and until level 45 I would get the same blue essence as if I was playing the game with the old IP system that is same hours per week. But ever since I hit around level 50 it is super hard to get blue essence before i.e. it would take me 5 days to get around 6300 IP if I was grinding super hard but now I can't do it in 2 weeks. I think you should change something about this and the fact that when I hit level 52 and get master yi and ashe in the champion capsule doesn't help. I think you should put special champion capsules for every 10 levels. When I hit level 50 I got a special capsule with a lot of blue essence that is some expensive champion shards. I think that that capsule should be for levels 50-59 and then for 60-69 an even better capsule because the way it is now it's super hard to get IP. And I get it we don't have to buy runes anymore but it's literally impossible to get a lot of champions in league now where as before you could easily grind it out. Please do something about this because at this rate the higher we go in levels the harder it is becoming to get champions... Thank You
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