Omega Squad Teemo is clearly refrences to Call of Duty Modern Warfare ;

Yeah when Omega Squad came out some ppl has joked about it like **Call of Duty 4 : Yordle Warfare** etc. But , Riot really referenced from COD in this skin development. **First Evidence** You remember **Endgame** mission in MW2 ? We throw a knife to **Shepherd**'s eye. I mean , really into his eye o.O Omega Squad Teemo's Q is a **bloody knife** (*also we're pulling that knife out which Shepherd stabbed into our chest. A throwable bloody knife , hmm...*) which is thrown to eye since skill name is **Blinding Dart** , and knife blinds enemy. **Second Evidence** When you listen Omega Squad's quotes , Teemo tells about non-ending war and some people which he shouldn't kill. Captain Price , always complains about war never ends , changing world and battlefields etc. Also kills somebody which he must not kill. **Third Evidence :** This is about music. Omega Squad's music has lots of horns (*as instrument , not Teemo's horns :\*) and other instruments which fit with a military theme. It's not like Battlefield 3 / 4's themes because Battlefield OST's are a bit techno. (*Like Warsaw theme*) But this , is the COD's music style as you can hear from OST's. Call of Duty's Modern Warfare OST's are %98 in this style. This is the login music ; And some COD MW OST's ; Isn't it similiar ? ----- Okay i found those with coincidence and I'm not sure with the evidences (*Except 1st evidence. It's clearly points it.*) So... what do you think ? :\

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