MMR is the most stupid thing there is

Srsly, what is this bullscrap. Im platinum 1, zilean main and reached it with only Zilean and 90% of the games, i won my lane. The thing is: I don't really play a lot of rankeds. So i start a game of normal, and i got matche diwth 2 gold 5's, unranked and gold 2, like nicely done riot. So, ofc i lost the game, cuz those players dont even have an idea of how the game works. So i checked my mmr after the game: **Gold mf 3**, what is that bullcrap, i know im way better than that, but with mmr you are just coming in a visual circle. You lose 2 games in a row, got matched with even lower people, that lose lane every single game, so you can't carry that piece of trash. lose again, lose again, lose again and so on. You can never win, or get better, if you are matched with people, way, WAY lower than your elo. This is just total bullsh*t. Just remove MMR, makes 0 sense. Thanks Riot for your insane system, that works really good!
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