I hate UPS delivery drivers.

There are a few delivery services active in my country. The biggest one is the best. The people that deliver are nice. The deliver on time. Within a reasonable 2 hour window that you can check online. A few other smaller ones that do their best but aren't as good as the one above. And now the American orginated UPS is also active in my country and those people are the %%%%ing worst. I'm expecting a package that I need tomorrow. According to the info they gave me it was to be delivered today at the end of the day Does that mean the end of the work day? Like around 4-5PM? Later in the evening? I took a day off to get the package. Setting up downstairs so I could hear them ring the bell. So at around 12 while eating lunch I hear something drop in my mailbox. I don't think anything off it and just continue with lunch. Done eating I check my mailbox and find a little note saying i "missed" the delivery driver and they took my package to a service point for me to pick up there. These %%%%ers didn't even ring the bell and now I have wasted a day and have to wait to get a message for when I can pick up my package. I'm now missing a day of work for me to get a note saying I have to drive 30 minutes to get a package. %%%% UPS.
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