When you feel "sorry" for being Perma-Banned.

Just a thought to those who keep coming onto the forums asking for a "second chance" with their old account; If you were truly sorry about flaming, then you shouldn't be worried about you old account. The only reason you are any way sorry, is because you got caught. You are sorry that you lost all those skins, not because you flamed. And don't say that it is "too hard" to *not* flame, since you chose to play the game and run the risk of people fraying your temper. You chose *not* to mute them at the start of the game. You felt the need to sling insults and negative messages at your fellow players just because *you* were angry. Don't go saying that you have a short temper, because many of us do, and many of us manage not to set fire to the /all chat. If you are truly sorry, you'd just make a new account and start a new and flame-free LoL career! There we go, any would-be Perma-Ban Petitioners should refer to this the next time they say they are sorry for what they did, but for some reason still want all their skins back. :)
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