Riot, enough is enough, you have to stop hiding in the background and talk to us about these issues!

We have been complaining about the Client not working properly since its release, yet RIOT hasn't addressed the community about it at all. They just stay behind the scenes and prefer not to talk about it. 1. CLIENT: We were promised that the new client would have better performance and would not require machines as strong as the old one and would run smoother in general. Yet here we are, lagging on it every day, unless we run it on a top end gaming computer. Champion select has too many delays because of that, specially during the Rune set up. Either remove the fancy animations and simplify it or remove the option to change our Runes during champion select. The crafting tab way too often doesn't display on the first click or the next few clicks. It takes way too many people a lot of switching back and forth before the damn thing finally loads. The client as a whole feels very slow, it is filled with too many features that drag the performance into the ground. Solution, you ask? Remove certain features like Skins, Icons, Wards and Chromas collections are unnecessary and could just as easily be implemented into a separate application or have it added to your official website instead. The information about when you got a certain skin and all that can be checked on the website or the extra application. You made LoL Wallpaper into an application, why can't you separate this as well? 2. GAMES FEEL RUSHED: The overall damage is too damn high. Things are now happening so fast that it often feels impossible to keep track of who's hitting their power spike and who isn't. More so, too many champions can just one combo you into a blinking health bar. I know you love your e-sports numbers but this really doesn't sit well with many players in your community. You remember us, right? We're the driving force of the game, not that 0.001% of the player base that plays in the professional scene. Our voice matters just as much as the Tencent one, or at least it should. You often buff 9 champions in order to bring them closer to the 2 S tier champions, rather than nerfing the 2 S tier champions and bringing them down to the level of the other 9, which I will never understand. What happened to having champions that specialize in something? We don't need "jack of all trades" champions.
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