Heh, who remembers this? *very late monday morning hug*

Just a small look around seems to tell me that little has changed. Yet there are new names are around, and some old ones no longer (I assume). And even if I've only poofed for a few months (feels like a year though), it's not like I was all to active for a while. So now I am here to demand introductions by everyone newer! Or well, let's just say everyone, ~~to overplay any of my problems with constantly forgetting people.~~... I mean for new peeps to get to know the older ones! I feel like we haven't done anything like this for some time anyways. -------------------- Starting myself: \*takes a deep introductory bow* I guess I've been around for way too long now. (There are people that have been around for longer though). I used to at first be a noob like everyone new, then actually be good at this game, only to lose interest and troll around the last 1-2 years until I stopped playing about 2-3 months ago. For boards I was around about the same time, I still had some looksies at the old forums before we got boards; I'd like to say I've been around at least lurking for pretty much ever since boards exist, but I had a few breaks (like just recently). First and foremost I consider myself a troll, for I have perfected the art of off-topic + derailing topics and randomly giving out cookies or hugs or rainbows. (And using sarcasm way too much without wearing it well) And somewhere far below that I might even have given advise sometimes, but very rarely. :p (Being out of touch with the game makes me actually feel a wee bit bad about not being able to do that anymore.) (Nowadays I'm just enjoying Hearthstone and continuously thinking about why people feel like unovercomeable RNG exists, as it does not appear to do to me.) Why am I here then? I don't know to be honest, you guys all are just too cutsey to not have an eye on! <3 ---------------------- But enough about all that, tell me about you! \*engages creepy staring* (Even you lurkers who think I don't know you're there! I know you are! ... well, I don't actually, but I want to. Pretty please? :3) And if any of the older regulars could catch me up on anything interesting going on... would be much 'ppreciated! <3
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