Things that scare us ingame

Hello everyone So, recently i had a few moments where i just think to myself "Ok, i'm done for" or "AAAAAAAH SHEEET" Usually because of certain abilites... and i'd like to list a few of them Ok, here we go {{champion:245}} uses his W {{champion:51}} Her ult is on me and no teammate is near {{champion:107}} ! {{champion:17}} He's ingame {{champion:35}} Walk into a brush full of boxes, including himself {{champion:4}} i am low life and i see that circle floating above my head {{champion:80}} out of nowhere {{champion:25}} her Q hits me and her entire team follow up {{champion:115}} "Hey, what does that circle mean?" {{champion:26}} Q on me while i'm low {{champion:19}} Awwooooooo {{champion:412}} NOT DA HOOK! {{champion:30}} No explaination needed {{champion:81}} charges ult {{champion:56}} Daaarknesssss {{champion:157}} Yasuo past level 6 scares me {{champion:53}} *grab* {{champion:99}} oh hey, red las- {{champion:75}} "Wither" {{champion:150}} Not the first time a kid violently pushes me against a wall {{champion:122}} "Get over here!" {{champion:14}} *loud sound* Yeah, these kinda make me feel like that. What about you?

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