Flex Matchmaking & SoloQ rank.

I'm a G4 jungle main who has mostly played SoloQ and normals this season, but I've recently moved in to flex. I've noticed some pretty extreme matchmaking going on and I wondered what the community's thoughts were on it. For example. Last Game. Our SoloQ ranks: G5 G4 S2 S1 S2 Their SoloQ ranks: G5 G4 S3 P3 P5 No prizes for guessing who won. **Now, those are SoloQ ranks in a Flex game,** so I understand why that doesn't matter (it's from a different ladder), but the reality is that most people who bother with ranked focus on SoloQ and only dip in to Flex. I'm sure it's not universal and there are diehard FlexQers out there, that's cool, I'm just talking about the majority. Certainly, anecdotally, the people I play with and against seem to have more games and higher ranks in SoloQ, which suggests that's where their focus is. **My question is this: Should there be some accounting for SoloQ rank in FlexQ matchmaking and vice versa. ** I'm no good at Math, but I imagine it would be easy enough to weight the matchmaking toward the ladder where you've played the most games. That way, if you're diehard FlexQ and have a bad SoloQ rank, it won't negatively affect you too much and you'll be matched more according to your FlexQ rank, even in SoloQ. My problem with things as they stand is that it effectively amounts to smurfing: someone with a high rank going in to a game vs much lower ranked people and stomping them. The game normally won't match you against someone more than a division higher or lower in the same ladder (Gold vs Silver, Silver vs Bronze etc, not Silver vs Plat) and I think it still prevents you from entering in to a ranked game with a buddy who is more than a division away from you. So, if that's the rule, it feels really bad to get to post game and see Plats stomping silvers in ranked. It'd be like playing 5-a-side football on a Sunday and then a professional footballer rocks up to join the opposite team. It'd be an interesting experience, but after the first 6 goals when he starts laughing in your face it won't be much fun. Thoughts? As always would love to hear some Reds on this.
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