Where are the early sales?

Solar/Lunar Eclipse Leona is yet to receive her Early sale. It has been 9 months now. According to this post made by Riot, they specifically quoted 'We also want players to have a chance to get a deal on skins of any tier, which conflicts with the fact that we previously didn’t discount legendary skins (1820s). So we're making future Legendary skins eligible for the early sale (previously released 1820s won’t be going on sale though). This’ll be the only time Legendary and Ultimate skins will be purchasable at a direct discount.' [We're changing up discounts - 2015](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/store/sales/were-changing-discounts) They have since made an update to the discounts in 2019, but not mentioning any exclusion of Legendary skin from the early sale but if the keyword is 'could' then we may have all been doomed since the start. [Updating our discounts for 2019](https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/store/sales/updating-our-discounts-2019) The fact that the community is so ignorant of the issue really triggers me. Riot can get away with this with little to no uproar since people are like 'Wow Pug'maw wow wow cool skin'. 'Wow very cool 975 RP skin, came down from 1350 RP wow'. Also, have you not noticed how bad the recent events are? 300 tokens events are what I call them. No lore. No interesting modes. Bearly even a name for the missions themselves. 300 token events. Who do you main? Just pulling a champion out here. Let's say you main Jax. He gets a legendary skin. Because so little people cared about how Solar/Lunar Eclipse Leona didn't go on sale, they can do it again to Jax! Since no one spoke up why should they address it or offer it? The standard of the Legendary skins has also gone down a lot. PROJECT Pyke doesn't even have a home guard animation. It feels very low standard when compared to other older legendary skins. Auto-attack is the same as well. Same goes for the idle animation. A high quality 1350 RP skin. Just because a skin is a variant, doesn't mean you can't put it on sale. Just make both skins 1350 RP and if one of them gets purchased, put the other skin back to 1820 RP or the sale price. Is it that damn hard to do? This whole variant skin crap is just a cheap-ass excuse to delay or remove Legendary skin early sales. After all High Noon Lucian was delayed by 2 months, what makes you think that Riot hasn't decided to jump to the complete removal of early sale? Edit: I am not all hate here. If Riot openly said they won't do Legendary Early Sales anymore, I would be unhappy but accept it as a business strategy from them and appreciate their view on us as people and not money bags. But to keep us in the dark and waiting is not right. That's something a new gaming company or dying gaming company would do since they don't know if their decision will lose them what little bit of their player base that is left. Are we not loyal enough to know these things? Could it be that our opinions are not welcomed? Could it be that Riot doesn't actually listen to our responses? (Eternals is devastating evidence of this)

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