I had to dodge the game because of this.

After enemy banned last champion I had my mouse on varus. This retarded window that explain his abilites poped out then I pressed masteries. The only way to move that Varus window is to put the mouse over another champion. I couldn't close the masteries or pick a champion as you see in the picture. So in champion select be careful. No fast mouse movements. And when does a new client comes out? I don't recive my IP after games unless if I relog. (Once after 3 games I didn't even get my IP) In every game ending screen it doesn't load LP sometimes it doesn't load anything. When I search some peoples profiles it shows my division instead of theirs all the time. I can't buy stuff from shop sometimes. Disconnected from pvp error all the time. Have to dodge the games cause unfair couses. Ofter when I log in client looks like the one from season 3. Sometimes it doesn't want to load match history. Sometimes it doesn't even load the things on client like spectate high elo players and those things then instead pops out some window that I have to agree some kinda "certificate" so it shows me all those things. I can go on on but you got my point.
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