TL;DR - Riot Pls 10th Anniversary

Hello everyone. I am Martin Newman, here to present this TL;DR of the 10th Anniversary Riot Pls. My presence alone means you are now reading this in my beautiful voice. * Firstly, we have a new ADC being released as a support, to finally have ADCs in every position and give you the chance to play a full ADC team. * You've spoken, and we've listened. Based on the fact that you guys actually _do_ have phones, we will be sending TFT to mobile. As well as this, we remade the game from scratch and also put it on mobile. We want your money. * We have announced our preseason changes, which will finally let our Ocean Drakes achieve their gardening dreams. The Mountain Drake is now into landscaping, and the Infer- wait, no, stop, you're burning EVERYTHING! No! _**Bad**_ Infernal! * The Elder Drake posted an announcement on his twitter dot com saying he will now unleash a mega kill laser. * And finally, the news everyone has been waiting for - Ohmwrecker will still be in the game for the 2020 Season We know how much some people enjoy the Riot Game meme and bashing on Blizzard, so let us end their careers. * Announcing - LeagueStones of LegendTerra. A brand new card game with probably a whole new set of complicated rules I won't understand. * Announcing - A 'League of Legends' fighting game. This won't affect our top lane players, who already 1v1 each other. * Announcing - Literally 5 seconds of a topdown League of Legends dungeon crawler. * Announcing - Project A, a brand new FPS game coming soon. This surprisingly does not have League of Legends in it. In fact, I don't know why I'm talking about it. * Announcing - Arcane, an anime covering the origin story of some of our favourite Zaunites. Except Twitch. Go home, Twitch. Thank you for watching, and we'll see you in ten years, when we announce our smartwatch ports for League of Legends.
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