Server issues or simply unlucky?

For the past 2 or so months, it is a miracle if I happen -NOT- to have -at least- one player in the team that constantly disconnects or complains about ping, most of the games resulting in losses simply because they feed unintentionally cause of the issues. Ever since the season started, out of my currently, as of writing this post, 11 ranked games played, 6 were lost just because in all of them, I had 2 people lagging like crazy and having constant disconnecting, especially during the first few minutes of the game. I've had enough of being constantly matched with laggers on my team so I have to ask.. is this complete and utter bad luck on my side, having to suffer people that can't afford more than potato internet or has riot f'd up their servers so there's always some unlucky bugger that has to suffer lag and disconnects? If this is a common occurrence and I am in fact, not cursed then this has to get into riot's attention because it is unacceptable.

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