Am I greedy because I'm running a store like this

So, i have a store that's been running for 2 years. People who come in are able to browse what's in the store, buy them if they wanted to, for real money you know. I can't really give my souvenirs or groceries for free because that would end up hurting my business. Sometimes i can give some discounts though. Does that make me greedy? I dunno... People are free to come in and buy what they want, if they want. I've had pretty much the same kind of products for the entire 2 year, but sometimes i might spice up things to have some new little things near my cash desk so people can buy something on impulse, some cheap things that people can spend their change on. During holidays (for example this christmas) i might setup a coffee table with christmas cookies, so everyone could have some free stuff , even those who just come by to see what's in the store but never buy anything. Is it unfair that those who spend money on my store are getting free coffee and cookie , meanwhile those who are not buying anything are getting that free stuff too? I dunno.. Now after 2 years i decided to enlarge my store by some square meters, giving room for more souvenirs that people can buy. The business continues as before. The people who come in can browse them, but they don't have to buy anything if they don't want to. Do the ones who are spending money in my store now feel that "man it's pretty unfair, because now that i'm the one spending money here, i have more options how i can spend it" And is it unfair for those who are not spending any money on my store, that those who are spending money now have more cooler/nicer options. Does this make me a greedy bastard because i'm giving my customers more options to spend their money on?
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