When even TF Blade can't carry inting botlane in Platinum ELO.

TF Blade and foggedftw are doing a bet playing only trynda, so I went to check their opggs, they have couple of loses and who woulda think 1st loss [19-4 win-lose] TF Blade was 10/7/3 he lost that he had 0/9/4 {{champion:74}} adc and 2/7/3 {{champion:201}} support. Enemy botlane: 8/1/14 {{champion:236}} and 5/1/22 {{champion:235}} Average tier: Platinum 4 Rank 1 player on multiple regions by the way 2nd loss TF Blade was 5/7/2 He had 1/3/1 {{champion:202}} and 0/7/1 {{champion:43}} Enemy botlane: 7/2/11 {{champion:15}} and 2/2/16 {{champion:16}} Average tier: Platinum 4 3rd loss TF Blade was 5/8/1 He had 1/9/2 {{champion:74}} adc and 1/5/4 {{champion:412}} support Enemy botlane: 5/2/12 {{champion:51}} and 7/4/17 {{champion:235}} Average tier: Gold 2 4th loss TF Blade was 9/3/3 He had 4/6/4 {{champion:202}} and 3/5/7 {{champion:235}} Enemy botlane: 12/4/7 {{champion:119}} and 8/3/7 {{champion:99}} support We all have those games where botlane just ints and you just can't do anything about it. I myself had so many games where I lose because of botlane, I literally play mid just so I can roam to bot, I roam bot so many times, kill their Vayne, make her 0/7, give my Varus couple of kills, what happens? She still dominates against my adc does quadra kill later in the game. Shits ridiculous how high skill gap difference between players is. Even Rank 1 player cant carry those apes. Not over, lets switch to foggedftw [21-2 curret win/lose] 1st loss foggetftw was 8/6/2 He had 0/8/2 {{champion:67}} and 4/9/1 {{champion:53}} support Enemy bot: 16/4/5 {{champion:18}} and 7/3/15 {{champion:101}} Average tier: Platinum 2 2nd loss foggedftw was 16/8/5 He had 4/11/1 {{champion:51}} and 0/10/6 {{champion:53}} support Enemy bot: 20/3/14 {{champion:145}} and 5/4/28 {{champion:412}} Average tier: Platinum 3 This is why games are coinflip, you just pray you get normal botlane that won't be the one inting.
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