Last time i'm letting someone play Yasuo in my games - UPDATE

with update i'm referring to my previous post: Both top and mid,1st and second pick that is, wanted Yasuo. Said i'm banning Yasuo, they said no, i did anyways and they cussed and threatened me by saying "this is your last game" My reply? A simple "banning your champ isn't against the tos, you trolling is. Do it and get reported and a ticket will be sent" The outcome? Someone dodged. This tells me that my tactic works and i will proceed doing so. Why am i making this post then? To inform everyone out there who are too afraid to pull it of that it works. And even if no one dodged there's still the option for you to do it or proceed with the game, let him feed (like it would've made a difference if you let him have his champ) and report him and send a ticket which is within your right to do so. A simple tip. Don't hover whatever you want to pick since some people like to fight back by banning your champ after you ban theirs. Having no champ hovered means they can't get their "revenge" on you.
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