Our last match made my friend buy Overwatch and take a break from League...

It was a match with a Darius who had only Black cleaver as a damaging item. The reason why he got mad and bought Overwatch was cause, as he said: "I don't like what this game has become" He referred that to Darius, cause Darius managed to get more AD than our ADC thanks to Darius' passive. He think that the game has become terribly unbalanced and really unenjoyable cause there are tanks that are dealing more damage than ADC's, and he mains ADC which makes it worse. He said that he will think about coming back once Riot shows some love to ADC's, cause he can clearly see how much Riot tries to make ADC's life a living hell. ------------------------- I do agree with my friend on this. I mean, idk about the balance part, but I can't enjoy this game anymore, I get bored every time I play it.. I guess I'll have to wait till a big update that will make me come play some more matches. What are your thoughts on my friend's thoughts?
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