Eune Report system , Ranked System , Skill level . Need a Ritor to See that ..

Report System: For Some Reason report system doesn't work on eune for liek 2 years now . How did i know that? I literally flamed each and every game with stuff ' like ur mum ,etc " you know the rest ... For about 1 year now i'm just flamming , auto feeding , ruinning people games , i literally ruined alot of games , also alot of my friends just flame , auto feed ,etc . people go like " we will report that guy x9 " but i never even get an verbel abuse ban from chat .. You will wonder how did i know that report system work or not on eune . Well i have 3 accounts on euw , one of them perma banned for verbal abuse .. and 2 accounts on Na . What i noticed is eune report system doesn't exist not even verbal or anything else. i just flame one game on euw i get chat banned after 15 min liek literally 15 min . I want rito to check report system on eune becuase it doesn't work for like 1 year + now. i been there for like 4 years . And Becuase report system doesn't work on eune , you realy need to watch gold , plat , diamond elo games . people just doesn't care anymore they flame ,auto feed . cuz they know report system doesn't work. Only Afk bot system that works on eune . Ranked System: Becuase of what i metioned earlier about report system , Alot of people just got bored with trolls , etc And went to euw . If you noticed eune is like a desert now . this server had realy alot of people like 4 years ago . but most of them just quit or went to euw instead . it takes me about 30 min sometimes to queque normal with "fill " ranked from gold 2 + or high mmr people takes 30 min + to que or even 1 hour . I feel like Ranked system on eune realy needs a Rest . On eune right now , you will find about 70% of plat + players that farm like 30 minnions in about 20 min , alot of elo boosting , you even look to some players and you wonder did he play intro at lv 1 ... that's plat elo +. Elo boosting accounts , etc , Cuz alot of people was leaving eune , most of them sold thier accounts , so on , so on I remeber like 1 years ago when people started to leave eune , accounts plat + was literally sold for 10$ + . so no wonder . Skill Level : From what i mentioned in Ranked system And Report system , you must know now how will skill level or "high elo " exist with the failure od that 2 systems . You must just go and watch challanger level games on eune , you will know what i'm talking about , no wonder we never reached lcs , etc . We have no skilled players at all . I'm talking from my experince "i played on gold/plat/diamond on eune ,plat/diamond on euw ,plat on NA ", i'm not here to fight or to argue , i Just want rito to consider eune's problems . maybe report system is bugged who knows , anyways i want a riotor answer to clear things on that subject , or what they are planning to do in the near future about eune .
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