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this is my suggestion I wrote and sent it to support ( Ticket #35660274 ) support adviced me to post it in boards .. development team will see it. ---- Hello Riot I've something I'd like to share with you, it's a good change maybe it makes the game better. 1- After any champion dies once he respawns in the middle of the base he should be untargetable for 2 seconds maybe or 1.5s you can make it as you like. I'm telling u why :D I'm telling you that because there is some champs like veigar {{champion:45}} " I saw him before he waits till the champ's respawn become closer 3 2 1 and he uses his "w" in sec 1 maybe to kill the enemy once he respawn so the champ who died got "0" chance to continue and help his team defending the game. same with some champs like blitz {{champion:53}} or maybe other champs maybe lux ahri i don't know really. so if I have no flash i've no chance ?? every one should get the opportunity at lease he should not die in the first 2 seconds in base after he revive {{sticker:cass-cry}} .. it happen in some games the enemy wait the other team to go out and sure they sometimes has this blitz or veigar. champions should be un targetable with special shield or protection ( like kayle or taric ult with special color ) for the first 1.5s or 2s after he respawns only ( only inside the base ) and if this champ attacked someone from enemy who are closer to him or used any skill or went outside the base within these 2 s or 1.5 "this protection ends" there is no need to do it in the game start .. After low hp champ "recall" to base i think there is no need to do it ../// just do it after anyone dies Thanks -- EDIT ::::: After akali rework she can kill now inside the spawn area after using her smoke if she is so feed sure she will kill adc or squishy champ many times without being killed :D from turret if she is careful enough " i think that"
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